Voennoe Delo: Russian view on US nuclear submarine „Los Angeles” type (English Subtitles)

Voennoe Delo: Russian view on US nuclear submarine Russian perception and description of US most mass produced multi-role nuclear submarine.

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  1. steelangelopera pisze:

    yay, the russians are smarter than us… whoopee

  2. merl0c pisze:

    This show has very fair reviews compared to most of the stuff on discovery channel z_z. It’s as if they deliberately ignore the Russian combat machines to create a illusion that only USA, Germany etc remain at the top, and here we have a russian show praising the innovations of a US sub while still casting fair reviews on Russian machinery as well.

  3. BitnikGr pisze:

    Thank you.
    Next episode will be about Apache and Apache Longbow and other comparable attack helicopters.

  4. JASHVEER22 pisze:

    Good job Bitnik waiting for more episodes;)

  5. AntagonisticEnemy pisze:

    A surprisingly fair review of a great submarine 

  6. kaysandesses pisze:

    Anyone interested in a good history of the Soviet submarine program should read the book „Rising Tide”. Excellent piece.

  7. astrialkil pisze:

    Thats not necessorly the case..they just kill their idiots.

  8. BitnikGr pisze:

    You are welcome. Enjoy.

  9. clomid100 pisze:

    the russian submarine design and technology improved with the courtesy of the Walker family.

  10. BitnikGr pisze:

    Usually smart ones let idiots to live too. And usually idiots kill smart ones, cause they feel threatened. Like cleanings conducted by Beria and Stalin in 30s killing or imprisoning thousands of really smart, genious scientists and designers, whom former USSR needed most in 1941.
    I am not getting into argue who is smarter, but definetely noone kills idiots. :) )) Idiots can be usefull to society too :) ))

  11. n3uromante pisze:

    Great work, thank you for translating.

  12. driftermorrelo pisze:

    anypomono :) 

  13. driftermorrelo pisze:

    at 1:49 a better translation would be „could not leave unanswered”

  14. XKS99 pisze:

    I love how clips from „Hunt for the Red October” were used to spice up the footage :)

  15. r8wing pisze:

    And I would add that „Voennoe Delo” is a program well worth redistributing on Western TV channels. Many people are tired of the same lame Discovery Channel military programs.

  16. BitnikGr pisze:

    thank you

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